The Blue Screw

About Us

ARMCO Utilities & Valve Box Solutions LLC history and experience of the company's founder: John Armour, President, has more than 20 years combined education and hands-on field experience, providing technical support for private utilities and public municipalities.

Specializing in both new site development construction and existing developments, John has been personally involved in all phases of utility construction and repair for both private and public utilities sectors.

John's passion for noteworthy improvements for making inspection deadlines lead to the creation of time saving ideas, one of which is the The Blue Screw

This tool saved so much time and improved the productivity and safety of his work crews that John decided to have his invention patented and to share this innovative tool with waterworks utilities, municipalities, and other construction site and existing developments as noted above.

The Blue Screw is the cost effective option that will allow your infrastructure maintenance budget to go much further.

Armco Utility & Valve Box Solutions has surrounded themselves with honest, hard working, manufacturing and quality control teams who take extra pride in their work and are exceptional in customer service and are dedicated to making your job easier.

"Built Strong
Like America"!

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