The Blue Screw

Here are just a few of our customers...

    • City of Panama City, Florida

    • City of Seattle, Washington

    • City of Cincinnati, Ohio

    • City of Los Angeles, California

    • City of Tampa, Florida

    • City of Houston, Texas

    • City of St. Petersburg, Florida

    • City of West Palm Beach, Florida

    • City of Wilmington, North Carolina

    • City of Ogden, Utah

    • City of Roachdale, Indiana

    • City of Galveston, Texas

    • City of Santa Monica, California

    • City of Jacksonville, Florida

    • City of Aberdeen, Maryland

    • City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    • City of Ocala, Florida
"Built Strong
Like America"!

Ryan Schmitt, National Underground Contractors Association Chairman, applauds ARMCO and their team of designers for producing what he refers to as ..."an innovative tool that's not only extremely functional, but provides an additional layer of SAFETY FOR THE THOUSANDS who work in underground utility infrastructure." Ryan was so impressed that he purchased tools for his own company's projects.

"Thanks, Ryan...we couldn't have said it better ourselves...and we appreciate your saying it for us!"