The Blue Screw

Should Be The Armco Way

"Built Strong
Like America"!

"After receiving a email from Armco Utility & Valve Box Solutions and I watched the "See It Work" on their website.

I was a little leery to purchase since the video shows only dirt being remove and in my district we run across asphalt, stones, and other types of debris in our valve boxes. In fact, since we've done our GIS mapping a year ago and we've put our sections into ten large grids, I've been amazed how many times we have used the Blue Screw on a daily basis.

Only being given one year to completed our valve exercise program, the efficiency of the Blue Screw is beyond my expectations. In fact, beyond the normal debris that we come by,"The Blue Screw vs. The Copper Head Snake" is a true testimony to the hidden value of their product. The snake lost and no ones safety was compromised in cleaning out the valve box.

Thank you for developing such a great tool!

Public Works Dept. Moorsville, NC