The Blue Screw

 Have you ever come across a sign like this? In your occupation, chances are that for every problem you have to solve, you're inundated with a dozen different solutions, suggestions, products and promises. If you're anything like the majority of people we've met, you've noticed that the simplest solution is usually the most effective. That's what ARMCO is all about, really. Simplicity, safety, economy: the things we all want but seldom find with one product. As you continue to learn more about us, we're confident that you'll join the growing list of people who already know about people just like you who've discovered that safe, simple economic solutions are beautiful things. 


Exciting! Smart. A Must Have Tool.

 Those are just a few of the comments customers are making about The Blue Screw That's good to hear, because that's exactly the ideal behind its invention . Time is money, and The Blue Screw saves time on job by reducing man hours. By using The Blue Screw, workers cut their time by 75% performing necessary maintenance and repairs on the millions of valve stacks currently in existence throughout the US. That equates to lower infrastructure maintenance costs. Manufactured and patented in the USA, The Blue Screw features solid steel construction, making it as durable as it is efficient and easy to use. While the standard length is 5'8", custom lengths are also available. Since it's simple design requires nothing more than two arms to power, The Blue Screw eliminates the need for gas-guzzling vac-trucks or other expensive equipment, which many municipalities are STILL using to clean valve stacks. That makes our tool Eco Friendly! And THAT keeps everybody happy. Take a look at that picture above and you'll understand why we say "If they're laying down on the job, you're losing money!" 


Some innovative features of the The Blue Screw


  • Solid Steel Construction
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Heat Resistant Handles
  • Rare Magnets to Pick-Up All Broken Pieces of Valve Lids Within the Valve Stack
  • No Moving Parts to Break or Wear-Out
  • Standard Length of Tool is 5ft 8in
  • Custom Lengths Available
  • Quick Delivery
  • Standard 4½ in. O.D. disc is the ideal size for a 6 in. I.D. valve stack — custom sizes available. Call (941) 661-4499 for details.


For purchacing and more information on our 

collection of 10 Blue Screw tools contact

Steven Armour

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About Us


ARMCO Utilities & Valve Box Solutions LLC history and experience of the company's founder:

John Armour, President, has more than 20 years combined education and hands-on field experience, providing technical support for private utilities and public municipalities.

Specializing in both new site development construction and existing developments, John has been personally involved in all phases of utility construction and repair for both private and public utilities sectors.

John's passion for noteworthy improvements for making inspection deadlines lead to the creation of time saving ideas, one of which is the The Blue Screw

This tool saved so much time and improved the productivity and safety of his work crews that John decided to have his invention patented and to share this innovative tool with waterworks utilities, municipalities, and other construction site and existing developments as noted above.

The Blue Screw is the cost effective option that will allow your infrastructure maintenance budget to go much further.

Armco Utility & Valve Box Solutions has surrounded themselves with honest, hard working, manufacturing and quality control teams who take extra pride in their work and are exceptional in customer service and are dedicated to making your job easier.

For purchacing and more information on our collection of 10 Blue Screw tools contact Steven Armour

(941) 661-4499

The Old Way


The Armco Way

We don't brag, our customers do that for us!

 Ryan Schmitt, National Underground Contractors Association Chairman, applauds ARMCO and their team of designers for producing what he refers to as ..."an innovative tool that's not only extremely functional, but provides an additional layer of SAFETY FOR THE THOUSANDS who work in underground utility infrastructure."

Ryan was so impressed that he purchased tools for his own company's projects.

Thank you Ryan!

Just a few of our customers...


  • City of Panama City, Florida
  • City of Seattle, Washington
  • City of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • City of Los Angeles, California
  • City of Tampa, Florida
  • City of Houston, Texas
  • City of St. Petersburg, Florida
  • City of West Palm Beach, Florida
  • City of Wilmington, NC
  • City of Ogden, Utah
  • City of Roachdale, Indiana
  • City of Galveston, Texas
  • City of Santa Monica, California
  • City of Jacksonville, Florida
  • City of Aberdeen, Maryland
  • City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • City of Ocala, Florida

"Built Strong Like America"!


"After receiving a email from Armco Utility & Valve Box Solutions and I watched the "See It Work" on their website.

I was a little leery to purchase since the video shows only dirt being remove and in my district we run across asphalt, stones, and other types of debris in our valve boxes. In fact, since we've done our GIS mapping a year ago and we've put our sections into ten large grids, I've been amazed how many times we have used the Blue Screw on a daily basis.

Only being given one year to completed our valve exercise program, the efficiency of the Blue Screw is beyond my expectations. In fact, beyond the normal debris that we come by,"The Blue Screw vs. The Copper Head Snake" is a true testimony to the hidden value of their product. The snake lost and no ones safety was compromised in cleaning out the valve box.

Thank you for developing such a great tool!

Public Works Dept. Moorsville, NC